Our approach to beer

So.. we LOVE hops. Which to most people means bitter beer, but to us hoppy doesn’t particularly translate bitter. Here at ESBC we prefer to showcase the aromatic and flavor compounds of those glorious flowers. Our beers have firm bitterness, but tend to be more restrained than other West Coast IPA’s. We employ a dry-hopping regimen that borders on lunacy, which results in some very aromatic beers.

As far as philosophy, we have a few core beliefs as a company:

Quality above all else. We constantly make decisions that end up causing us more work and costing us more money, but we refuse to let anything other than quality dictate the course of all the beer that leaves the brewery.

Family first - Both Rob and Tom want to see the company grow, but not at the expense of family. Take the time when you need the time. We extend this to all our employees, and consider all of them part of our greater family.

Have fun - We got into this business because it is where our hearts led us. Not to get rich (though we wouldn’t be totally against it). If you’re not smiling everyday in this industry, then you are in it for all the wrong reasons. After all.. it is beer.

There is more to it than this.. and we hope to one day have more time to put it down on paper and express it more clearly. But for now.. we are just TOO BUSY! So you’ll have to come on by the taproom and get a feel for yourself.

Drink Great Beer. Live Life Well.

What's with the Blue House

The Blue House represents small town America. Main Streets fostering small businesses, and real connections to real people. It represents the true American ideal of being able to support yourself, and forge ahead in to the great unknown. Which to us, is exactly what Craft Beer is. Brash, brazen, bold, and unapologetic for being so.

As far as the logo, and why we chose it, the Blue House comes from Rob’s old homebrew labels, that his wife, Amy, created and buddy, Jim Pagee, perfected for one of his annual Christmas Ales. The beers were brewed at Rob’s house (hint.. it’s blue). When it came to naming the brewery, he always wanted it to be El Segundo Brewing Co. And so was born the Blue House logo and the El Segundo name. Call us El Segundo Brewing Co., but always be on the lookout for the Blue House wherever you find our high quality brews.

Meet Rob

Rob stumbled upon craft beer during his stint of pitching for the Cal Poly Mustangs. “Beer” was the usual cheap, flavorless canned stuff. That was until he was introduced to SLO Brew’s Extra Pale Ale and Humboldt’s Red Nectar Ale. These beers had FLAVOR.. and Rob was hooked. A few years, and a very short stretch in the minors later, Rob was well on his way to a promising career in aerospace, a thriving industry in his hometown of El Segundo. But his heart wasn’t in it. Enter his first home-brew kit: a re-gift from a friend who hadn’t used his year old Christmas gift, and Rob had a whole new passion. At first it was just something fun, but it quickly turned into a minor obsession. His brew days were quickly moved from the Blue House kitchen, out to the garage by the orders of Amy (Mrs. Blue House). After a few years of keeping his fermenters full, Rob started to think that beer might be the way out of his 9-5, fluorescent filled, spreadsheet staring days. In early 2010 with the axe about to fall on some of his employees at his current job, Rob decided to take the leap. He put in for the lay- off, took the severance package, saved a couple jobs for his employees, and put all his chips on “Craft Beer”. With the help of family and a few friends, in July 2010, Rob leased a small space at 140 Main St., and so began the life of El Segundo Brewing Co. and the answer to Rob’s dreams.

Meet Tom

Tom always wanted to work with food and hospitality. As a straight A student all the way through high school, he always had a job in a restaurant. He spent a year studying architecture at Drexel University but ended up working in restaurants in Philadelphia instead. A bit of climbing the ranks and he was working as a cook and server at small, highly awarded restaurant. At 21 years old he was selling bottles of wine his friends couldn’t even pronounce. When his mentor and sommelier moved on, so did he, to Tria Cafe. Here he was introduced to craft beer (though back then it wasn’t called that). Tria had 24 rotating beers, 24 rotating wines by the glass,13 cheeses a la’ carte, and a rigorous training program. It also happened to be a few blocks down from the infamous Monk’s Cafe and Belgian Beer Emporium. Thirsty for new knowledge and with every resource at his fingertips, Tom dove in. He learned as much as he could about this new medium which seemed just as interesting as the high end wine he had been studying. But he was young and restless at heart, and soon ran off traveling with his girlfriend (now wife) Amanda. They landed in Venice, CA in 2006 and Tom entered into a bartending job at the Library Alehouse. It was there that California beer made a huge entrance into his life. A year and a half behind that bar was followed by almost 2 years traveling all around the world. But Library Alehouse called Tom back, and in 2009 he returned as a manager. He soon took over the beer list, and began a comprehensive program of staff training, tasting events, beer aging, and rotating tap list.

And here is where Rob and Tom’s paths met, over a beer of course in early 2010. Rob wanted to make beer. Tom knew how to sell beer. Rob, meet Tom. Tom, meet Rob. Now.. make beer. And so they did.

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