Bursted Single Hop Series Release

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March 9, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Bursted Single Hop Series Release
140 Main St
El Segundo
California 90245

We are super excited to announce our “Bursted” Single Hop Series – which will IPAs hopped with a single hop varietal. Traditionally beers are bittered by adding relatively small amounts of hop at the beginning of the boil – this results in the firm bitterness that IPA fiends have come to love. A somewhat newer approach often referred to as “bursting” employs the technique of adding huge amounts of hops very late in the boil, or even after the kettle has been turned off. The large volume gives ample bitterness – and the added bonus of MASSIVE flavor componenets. This series is all about exploring what each hop adds to both the bitterness and the flavor of the beer when employed only in late additions with no early additions. The malt bill will remain consistent throughout the series, and we promise you.. it won’t get in the way.

We will be releasing 3 at a time for your tasting pleasure. Part of the art of brewing is learning the different combinations of flavors that work well together. We’ve found some magic ones for sure, and we hope this journey will help us find more. And you can help us too!

Join us in the taproom on the 9th – and we will be pouring flights of all three with an empty glass for blending experiments of your own. Figure out which combo you like best – and let us know! We will be providing tasting sheets that you can either take home – or hand in to us. Feedback is hightly encouraged!

The first three hops in the series are the heavy hitters

Citra Simcoe Mosaic

We will also be serving in pints – or blended pints if you so choose.

Mixed cases available in the taproom – 4 of each bottle. $58
Please email Pete@elsegundobrewing.com to reserve yours!

Limited distribution to select partners week of 3/13.

And mark Apil 6 on your calendar, when we will be releasing the 3 Classic C’s – Cascade, Centenniel and Chinook.

We will have 6 on that day!